Power in Softness: a Pastel Palette

Oh how I love a pastel palette…

.. The softness of its magic

…. Kisses your eyes as gently

…… as a floating feather ballet.

……… The transition to nightfall,

………… A delicate curtain call

“Let us bid adieu

To our backdrop of sky blues

And to the eye of the sky,

Our daytime star, Señor Sun, 

upon which life depends.

Until morning, dear friends.”

And as the great fireball descends,

Dusky pastels take centre-stage

Swirling brushstrokes in peaches & cream,

Dolloped rose quartz clouds, Lilac lemonade beams

A powdered sky ever so gradually hypnotised

Under the spell of a twilight magician

And as if by one almighty, gracious sweep

A magic wand washes away

The clarity of day

And brings the calm of night

Sets the tone for slumber delight

Sets the stage for lady orb of the night.

Beneath her alabaster lustre I swoon

… Now is when dreams come into bloom.

“sets the stage for lady orb of the night”


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  1. Hello Ellen,That is a very descriptive colourful poem.Thank you for sharing.Love you heapsKerry xox

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