Traces of you

For my Dad

I’ve had all this time to sit

Cut-off in our solitary parallel cells

To reflect, to introspect

Ponder the interval between events

The epiphany when life becomes death

Gaze upon the cacophony of my grief’s depth

Gaze out at Nature’s seraphic sky

Looking for premature traces of you

Amid an infinite fluff-ball pantomime

Ever-shifting masses of vaporous gasses

– I whisper to them, to prepare for you

Clouds to personify an array of moods:

Melancholic, powerless, nostalgic, consumed… 

Scattered mind like altocumulus rippled air

A cloud cornucopia of possibility out there…

And I can never go past to think

How human experience is inextricably linked

To mirror Nature’s many moods, so distinct.

Soon the loss of you will attach to my pain

And I’ll keep searching for you

In all of Nature’s splendour

Again and again and again and again

Written on final day of hotel quarantine
Dad passed a few days after I finally made it to him
I got to read him this poem, plus others I’ve written for him


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  1. That it a beautiful poem Ellen,I am so glad you got to see him and read it to him.I know he loved your dearly and was very proud of all your achievements.Sending much loveKerry

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