🍌•~•La Vie en Ndizi•~•🍌

🌴🌴🌴•~•La Vie en ‘Ndizi’•~•🌴🌴🌴
⚡️Homage to icon Miss @gracejonesofficial ⚡️
“Island Life” has been one of Zanzibar’s recurring themes for me; naturally visions of Grace’s CLASSIC album cover have been a lithesome, sidekick-of-a-motif.

Inspired to reinterpret it, living my own ‘island life’ and feeling very much like a fruit of the earth, I envisioned my citrus silk draping fluidly.. just as the abundant banana fronds grow.

Interestingly, when talking about her own image, Grace said Jean-Paul Goude’s concept (her then lover & creative accomplice) was to capture her “animalistic brutality… a voracious she-centaur emerging from an unknown abyss and confronting people’s fears.”

While both images burst with raw, anatomical beauty & strength, the more I think about it, my embodiment is the perfect, harmonious opposite of hers: a soft, feminine force-of-nature OR ‘force-of-nurture’ you could say, fostering tenderness and growth.

Big thanks to Neil @zanzibalibok , who I roped-in to take the pics. He was a bit dusty after a spontaneous big one, but true to his word, was still up for capturing some magic… in all that fucken humidity! [Side note:: no need to douse me in oil – beads of sweat aplenty 💦]

And I’ve gotta emphasise how VICIOUS the terrain is – razor sharp coral rock that bites the shit out of you. There’s a real element of danger holding this pose! 😜⚠️

🍌NDIZI🍌 = Swahili for ‘banana’ (you undoubtedly guessed)

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