Mother Nature Cries

And so the day
finally arrived
when Mother Nature
took things back
into Her own hands.
When humanity first laid eyes
on the fateful new norm.
No longer the future;
Dystopia the now.

“What will it take
til you heed my cries?
Upon my essence
your entire existence relies.
Plundering & polluting the
depths of my cavernous oceans
up to my astral skies.
Now tell me, what on Earth
are you so flushed with
upon which I can be so satisfied?”

Mother Nature street art in Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Digging through old pics from 2014 adventures and finding this one ((hands down one of my fav street art walls ever)) spurred me to spew out this little poem.
It was during that trip when I first started writing poetry and I always had a photo accompanying every one – they were born in synchronicity.
Cool to look back at this through my corona lenses and pen something 6 years later.
Fuck if I manage to keep this up with all my photos I’ll be as prolific as Picasso! 🎨😂 haha no chance
And remember, the planet doesn’t need us, but we sure as hell need it.

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