Thoughts and prayers?

Spare me the charade

Don’t pretend to care.

Thoughts and prayers

Are what lead us to where

We anxiously stare


The mercury is rising

Like the revival of

Nationalistic tribalism


How long do we stand

In the face of fury and

Roll over to political propaganda?


I fear deeply, a

Vexing voice within me:

Have we passed the point of no return


Creeks and riverbeds bone dry;

Former valleys now on fire; homes and

Ecosystems, all scorched by

Mother Nature’s


Cities choked up on smoke

Clearly it ain’t some woke joke –

All along Science did denote


Apocalyptic ash-stricken air,

Our seething self-ignited nightmare,

Australia alight by the millionth Hectare.


Humanity all but mortal

Yet wreaks reckless damage

Soon enough irreversible…


Our country cooks in spite

Of Justice, fuelled by misgovernment,

Sell-outs driven by their coal covenant

Serving nothing but self-betterment.


And no, your paltry hugs

Nor two-faced grin

Aren’t anywhere near enough convincing –

We see right through your carbon spin.

Thoughts and prayers?

More like a failure to morally care

“With your best interests”, they swear.


Fire after fire

Disaster beyond control,

Our borrowed time expired

Apathy taking its toll.

As the climate changes

The government stays put,

As the country burns

Their hands blackened by soot.

Who will lead us?

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