¨ T H I R S T ¨ F O R ¨ L I F E ¨

Here I sit

I sit and I stare

Stare at the teacup that

Sits in front of me.

Study the leaves

Aroused to unravel.

Hot water coaxes each dry blade

Persuades in burning serenade.

Held together by fragile porcelain:


       A tenuous existence.


Study the leaves

Green eyes beguiled by

       Synchronized tealeaf swirls

Steeped in an aromatic ballet



The more I sip

The more insatiable a thirst

Consumes my ambition.

Uninhibited I plunge headfirst

In a word it devours.

No turning back now,

Absolutely immersed.

Breakaway from monotony, the system,

So utterly rehearsed.


Inner desires drip

Another drip

I take a sip




From a Birdseye view

    Perception askew

    Over this porcelain china

No longer do I discern

How shallow or deep the depth.

Though it’s truth, substance,

Stripped of illusion I yearn.

Fill my senses with music, art, literature,

History and diverse culture.

At best I’ll be a woman richest,

No contrived dollar could contest.

For substance cash does not purchase,

           Nor shall it grant lasting happiness.


Is this but the artist’s, the traveller’s,

The philosopher’s curse?

Imbued with emotion to pursue

Experiences, truth and beauty anew.

Dissatisfied with routine the herd predictably do.

This thirst when will I ever settle?

Until the proving moment I am not immortal?


*another sip*

*another stir*


Hmm well I concur,

     Salt indeed I did stir

In place of added sugar.

     Hence, this tea

Leaves me merely

    Thirstier a lady.


And bound by thirst of an unquenchable extent,

Irresistibly I drink and drink and drink.

Mindful of the unlikelihood

Of ever sating my heart’s content.


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  1. You are certainly getting better and better with every poem, using all the poetry language devices. Everything has a smooth rhythm and I especially like the symbolism of the thirst for the tea representing a desire to continued searching and awakening in life. Keep writing and then when you have enough…publish them!

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