¤ Isla Incahuasi ¤

Island of big, spiky cocks cacti
Isla Incahuasi, Bolivia

IMG_2675IMG_2683La Vizcacha de la SierraIMG_2681

The sun had not long risen; radiant light awakened every prickly hair on the island

IMG_2709IMG_2708IMG_2688IMG_2697Hermosa ParejaIMG_2694IMG_2678

Una Cabeza, Dos Cuerpos
llama embodying two bodies


R E L A T E D :: ¤ Dalí ¤ & ¤ Siloli ¤

R E L A T E D :: 4500m ABOVE /^//

R E L A T E D :: ~ llamas ~ siempre ~ sonriendo ~

R E L A T E D :: lα ∨¡z⊂α⊂Ηα


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  1. lovely pictures,One head , two bodies??

  2. Love that top one. Could be an enlargement prospect.

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