lα ∨¡z⊂α⊂Ηα

Eternal stern expression
Whiskers tapering to eternity
La Vizcacha is a large desert hare native to South America
Relative of the Chinchilla
Bolivia 2014


Bigotes Sin Fin
Whiskers without end

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.26.20 pm

Taking cover behind a spindly, sparse bush

La Vizcacha de la Sierra

R E L A T E D :: ¤ Dalí ¤ & ¤ Siloli ¤

R E L A T E D :: f l a m i n g o s > b o l i v i a n o s

R E L A T E D :: 4500m ABOVE /^//




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  1. wonderful, these sweet animals sure are hardy.

  2. Wonderful Images..!!

  3. Beautiful…

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