Ghost On The Red Line

I saw you on the red line,

Tussled curls a head above the rest.

A sudden rush of emotion, anxiety,

Nervousness suffocating my chest.

Sweaty palms clenched the railing

Trembling with warranted unrest.

Could it really be you

Half way ‘cross the world?

Or am I but mad

North by northwest?


Peering out from peripheral vision,

Anticipating a sideward glance.

I edged my way closer

Traversing the bustling carriage in a trance.

I stood behind you feeling dizzy,

Doubting if truly ‘twere workings of destiny.

Turning ‘round swiftly and our eyes did meet;

You gave me a stare like a needle,

So blunt yet so sharp it

Sewed several holes right through me.


IMG_0607 edit

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  1. Well, that’s got me thinking, but I like the feel of it. Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 08:25:17 +0000 To:

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