Home Sweet Home

Time spent away from home

Exploring foreign terrain

Elicits subtle nostalgia

Fondness for beloved abode.


Surreptitiously it brews

Percolating in our chest.

Into well-kept memories we delve;

Ourselves we double-guess.


“How does it all look again?”

“What resembles the ecological puzzle of Oz?”

Our memories recall pieces

Tessellating divinely as myths to Gods.


Blue hues, which ebb and flow Pacifically

Sand oh-so yellow, not so pebbly.

Evergreen eucalyptus trees

Speckled, Stringybark, sometimes papery.


Flowering gumnut clusters,

Flora and Fauna found only in Australia.

Astral constellations beneath which we slumber

Our great southern home there is no other.


It’s a knowing speculation-

Memories are tucked away

Waiting to be awakened.

And so long as expats continue to roam

We soothe ourselves with romantic memoirs of home.

Drawing on memories of home

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