. : d i s p o s a b l e __ e m o t i o n s : .

Flames of chemistry so instantly ignited

Can just as readily be extinguished.

Once the prize has been won

The pleasurable deed well and truly done

A flicker of reality will see those flames diminished.


Is it so arduous a task

To indulge in a heated moment

And have it last


Than a disposable emotion?

To be present


Ardently rapt in divine

Attraction, fascination,

Intimate touch, lovers’ potion.

Not wind up empty

Cast off casually

Swallowed by immensity of the ocean.

A sinking yet floating corazón

Adrift without thought

Dissolving into the unknown.


Significance given to the senseless

Negating value for the significant

Out of fear, conceit and detachment

Forgoing beauty in chemistry and emotions spent.

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