Golden Land

After a two-year absence from the beach I drove over Terrigal headland in anticipation of our reunion.

The coastline stretched out and unfolded before me like tied handkerchiefs unravelling out of a magician’s sleeve.

Shades of crystal blue united with rich, yellow sand.

The lucky country.

The free country.

A golden land.

The tyres turned; my gaze froze as I felt what was an embrace with a long-lost relative in one deep breath.


My eyes swelled as I contemplated the fact I am able to call this home.

How fortunate I am to call this home.

How lucky to have spent my childhood in this golden land of sand, sun, safety and shore.

I imagined the awe and expressions of disbelief from families who had taken me in around Latin America and the Balkans were they to have been in my company.

Families who do not have a lot, but whom would give you their last crust of bread.

Families who give without expecting to receive.

Families rich in culture, togetherness and soul.

I thought of you and many others today and all the ways in which you have enriched my life.


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