– I’M BACK –

So are you back for good?

Ask they.

What decided, final words they are,

I say.


For how can I be so ever sure

Of my life’s exact, entire course?

Besides the fact, there will come a time

At the end of my tether

This lifeline will sever.

Indeed I’ll depart the realm we occupy,

No different to remaining souls on stand by,

Onto an afterlife, self reincarnate, sequential stage,

Or be it the final curtain.


*fade to black*


Nobody can be sure.

But, what is sure as hell is

All rides ultimately end;

In death we can depend.

(Though by no means do I mean that’s a godsend)


So, whether I’m back for good or not?

I am most positively back,

Present, standing right in front of you in fact.

And I’m back for a good time.

A real good time!

Game Over
This fly’s ride comes to an end, Hunter Valley

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