broken glass

One month of tangled emotions

Knotted around confused yarn

Twisted back

Strewn forth

From your unanswered unknowingness;

Initial honeymoon sure lost its charm.


Once those sparks flew

Void of electricity,


Affectionate gesture,

Immediately my presence

My interest

Felt no more than a displeasure.


Nonetheless you and I

Our meeting symbolic,

A purpose predestined-

Your acceptance

Your liberalism

Helped me face suffocating demons.


What’s this?

Out of a weeping abscess

I spy

A cryptic glass shard.

Lo! The cause of my pain

My stagnation;

One month denied of finesse and creation.


So I remove this shard gently

Ending my right-hand paralysis.

Be gone broken glass!

Along with any emotions you left imprinted

On my vulnerable, romanticised heart.


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