I went to the mountains…


Similarly as Thoreau went to the woods, I went to the mountains as I sought to front the essential necessities of life. To evade technology, to escape distraction, and see if I would be inspired by Nature’s raw beauty. Indeed I was. While on the road to Theth, the brightest star burning in the universe shone through blinding mist- a metaphor for my dear friend Moji. Beneath a broody, grey sky my thoughts were inextricably bound to him and I wrote, ‘The Oldest Soul I Know’ . It was here I felt the reality of soon returning home to Australia, of parting from those special friends who had become family in Berlin.


Blanketing clouds


Thethi church (background) and the guesthouse I stayed in (foreground)


Naime (left) caught the same minibus as me to Theth. She then invited me to stay with her family in Shkodër, which I agreed to with glee, joining the list of families who have briefly adopted me.

R E LA T E D   P O E M: The Oldest Soul I Know

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