S O L I T U D E & M O O N

Clarity in nocturnal night rides

Solace in my solitude.

Off to pursue the moon

Her perfect sphere so full,

So Luna blue.


“This chapter draws to a close too,”

An inner voice of realism whispers.

“Midway between naïve tourist // cynical expat.

Days spent no longer so curious.”


Round the unstoppable clockwork

Of my lucid head

Spin seeds of prospect –

Sown, in germination;

Pensively in a trance I watch the

Tyres beneath me make

Revolution upon revolution.


For some time these

Wheels have voyaged

Across foreign terrain sans map.

How bizarre in an instant message

They’re directly imbued with direction?

Back on track

Am I to assume

It is predetermined?

Fraught with crooked bends,

Fractures and drawbacks

To throw me off course

Lose sight of direction.

In time returning –

A sense of self reinforced.


Time artfully edges

Further from my side,

I pursue instead of befriend it

Stride after stride.

How can I persist with

Futile efforts to ignore

The expiration of days

Inescapably nevermore?


So, I savour these final night rides

The solace in my solitude

The wistful pursuit of the moon

Her perfect sphere so full,

So Luna blue.

Full moon and rocket exhaust, Maybachufer Kreuzberg, 2015

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  1. I like the pensiveness of this poem.

  2. A wonderful thing about art is that it’s both a mirror and a window. A window in the sense that, you have the opportunity to look into someone else’s mind and world. A mirror in the sense that, in that, you often tend to see reflections of you. The first verse of this really spoke to me, reminding me of all the time I spent riding my bike around the streets of Chicago. I often rode by myself and quite often at night, appreciating the quiet and solitude it offered. Nothing but the sounds of my wheels on the ground. Chicago is such a big city, but in my life there, I felt like I’d ridden down every street. I’d go try and get lost. I couldn’t.

    I love the line “so luna blue.” It’s such a beautiful line that, I think, is a perfect reflection of the beauty and sadness of the unknown in life’s direction, which was my take on the essence of this piece. Beauty in la luna, but just a little blue. Love the way you set it up in the first verse, then bring it back in the last. Great work.

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