~For Moji~

Broody mist casts a dark mask

Around the mountains of Theth.

Though I can still feel the sun’s warmth,

See its shining light breaking through.

The brightest star burning in the Universe,

The oldest soul I know, Moji joon.


You tell me we’ve met

In possibly your lowest, most dark hour.

But believe me when I tell you

Your magnificent aura is as equally as powerful.


Charismatic and engaging,

Walking calculator, erudite philosopher.

Energy people magnet towards

Emitting unconditional empathy for all.


The most hospitable, self-sacrificing human

Who will t’aarof until he dies.

Inquisitive and intelligent

Spurring those around him to stop, think and ask, “Why?”


Exceptional attention to detail

Unseen by the common eye,

Spotting Stalinist honeycomb waffles

And an off-duty Admiral in disguise.


Cheshire Cat your spirit animal-

Playful, enigmatic and hypnotizing.

I know you prefer to imagine tiger

I’ll let you think so – just stay smiling.


An engineering mastermind,

Psychological guru who keeps all guessing.

You have peoples’ personalities figured out

Before they’ve managed to slip four words in.


Always seeking to further educate yourself,

Spreading love, generosity, beauty and truth.

Inspiring your peers and even acquaintances

To awaken their dormant philanthropist.


I cherish your uniqueness

Moji and original have one ‘O’ – two aren’t allowed.

Your ‘Hawaiian’ shirt and exuberant dance moves

Never being swept up by the mentality of the crowd.


Forever I will treasure

Our adventures, love and riddles,

Our appreciation for all the intricacies overlooked

In this world so dear and miniscule.


Massages and movie nights

The whacky connection between our zany heads.

Stars in our very own Absurdist play

Baffled by that wooden bit of the egg.


Your soul is certainly beyond old

It’s an ancient force of wisdom,

Reincarnated to transcend the ages:

Astronomer, Emperor, Scholar, Wizard.


Perhaps in a past life

You really were a wise old sage?

Bestowing your teaching and guidance

To me your little protégé.


I suppose we’ve relieved that tale

Over the previous year haven’t we?

My life in Berlin without you

I can’t bare to fathom the possibility.


So, as this blinding mist

Blanketing Theth will pass,

So too will the darkness

Clouding the course of your path.


Take it step by step

Reach out to your wealth of friends.

Let go of perfection, your crippling pride-

You’re human – we understand.


And may the brightest star in the Universe,

The oldest soul I know,

Shine to his upmost greatness again.

I’ll be beside you in awe and admiration

Of your magnificent, illustrious glow.


We will write our chapter in Iran

Then onto Australia,

To pay homage to our undying friendship

Which to each other has been a saviour.


For your love, care, generosity, wisdom,

Farsi and all things farcical

I give you my most warm, heartfelt mamnoon.

All of my love

Plus an eternal hug

Your beloved Ellen joon.

Moji on the balcony of dreams 2.0, Neukölln

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