Slavko Lekić – The first Slavko I’ve met in the Balkans. One of what will be a long list I’m sure.
Slavko worked for 20 years at Hotel Fjord, which has been closed since 2006. The building has been gutted of any valuables, though still has arguably the most prime real estate location of Kotor Bay.
“Politik…..Yugoslavia……kaput,” says Slavko when I ask him why the hotel closed.
A Montenegrin working at my hostel said “some serious money was laundered there right before the government shut it down.”
Slavko Lekić with grandsons Stracnia and Lazar, fishing in front of the deserted Hotel Fjord
I met Slavko with his grandsons Stracnia and Lazar, fishing in the bay in front of the hotel. They often pass time together here.
Our encounter sparked my curiosity in the abandoned hotel, which I later exlored ater explored and also inspired me to write the poem, Casting Off From Yugoslavia

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  1. Great human interest pics and I loved the poem also.

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