Pigeon Life

The plight of the pigeon-

Determined and eager he persists.

Pursuing nonchalant pigeonitas

Tail fanned down,

Chest puffed out.

He tracks her every move

From afar, now behind.

Head bobbing along,

As a metronome fixated on some

Fowl copulation song.

Faster, slower,

Oh to the left now,

Around the plaza they go.

She couldn’t give two hoots,

Let alone a single coo

While he warbles and gurgles an

Apparent seductive woo-

I don’t blame her one bit

For this pesky male to want to eschew.

But, he will not abandon his pursuit,

Head bobbing intently

In the pigeon-mating zone.

Until, up in the air surprise crumbs

From a charitable stranger are thrown.

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  1. Haha…entertaining. And then the allure of food changes everything!

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